Trimble County Schools

Antioch School

The Antioch School was located in southern Trimble County on the Bedford-Campbellsburg Road (Highway 421) just north of the Antioch Baptist Church.  The land was donated by Fielding Colbert and the first log school was constructed in the early 1840s.  

Children of the following families attended Antioch School;  

Colbert, Stanley, Hunter, Mitchell, Hutcherson, Monroe, McClellan, Demaree, Sibley,

Pierce, and Devine.

Church Location:  4247 Hwy 421 South, Bedford, KY 40006


For more information on the Antioch Baptist Church click here.


Antioch Baptist Church Minutes 1886-1936



Ashby School

Previously located in the northern portion of the county between Pleasant Retreat and Milton.  The school was one mile further west on Peck's Pike than Moreland School, which it replaced.  

Families attending this school were:  

Moreland, Dolah, Dolby, Mosely, Trout, and Wise.



Baltimore School

This school was located on Trout's Bottom, Spring Creek, in the western portion of Trimble County.

A new school was built in 1915 on land donated by F. Burkhardt.  

Families attending this school were:  

Adams, Ashby, Burkhardt, Handlon, Hamilton, Holderfield, and Moreland.



Barebone School

Built on land purchased from Mrs. Mary Adams, the Barebone School was located near the Tilden Yeager Farm.

Families attending this school were:

Adams, Andrew, Bare, Barnes, Callis, Farley, Faulkner, Perkinson, Tate, and Toombs.



Barnes School

Built on the N.W. Barnes farm, the school merged with the Callis School in 1907.  Later, this would form the New Hope School District.



Bedford Grade School

Established in 1903, this school closed its doors in July 1930.



Bedford Public & Trimble County High School

The first school was built sometime after 1840 on the Hancock property.  This private (subscription) school was used as an office in the 1900s.



Bethel School

Built in 1898, this school was built on land adjoining Bethel Methodist Church on the western bank of the Little Kentucky River.  A.G. Hill donated the land for the school.

Families attending this school were:

Ball, Carter, Dougherty, Hill, Miller, Spillman, Taylor, Tingle, and Wright and more. 

Corn Creek School




Parent/Guardian Name of Child Birth Month Day Year Age/Sex
Chan Robbins Florence Robbins Apr 9 1912 10/F
  Josie Dill Dec 27 1914 7/F
Geo. A. Powell Wm. J. Powell Oct 6 1911 10/M
W.L. Rolston Howard Rolston Oct 24 1909 12/M
  Raymond Rolston Dec 2 1913 8/M
Sam McKinney Matte L. McKinney Aug 19 1909 12/F
  Elizabeth McKinney Nov 26 1913 8/F
  James McKinney Feb 16 1908 14/M
  F. Stanley McKinney Aug 14 1915 6/M
  Sam B. McKinney Dec 31 1910 11/M
Ezra Wentworth Elva Opal Wentworth July 15 1913 8/F
Ella Peak Wm Peak Mar 19 1905 17/M
Lee Hughes Lucian Edwards Mar 20 1906 16/M
J.J. Rowlett John Rowlett Feb 7 1910 12/M
  Pauline Rowlett Mar 26 1912 10/F
Adam Jenkins Erwin Jenkins Aug 12 1913 9/M
R.H. Sanders Thelma Sanders Oct  31 1904 16/M
S.A. Somerville George Somerville Mar 11 1907 14/M
L.H. Powell Raymond Powell Mar 22 1905 16/M
  Iona Powell Apr 29 1907 14/F
  Laura Powell May 6 1909 11/F
  Thomas Powell Jan 2 1911 11/M
  Roy Powell Jan 20 1913 9/M
John Homer Emma Homer Jan 22 1916 6/F
  Andrew Homer Jan 22 1916 6/M
John Richmond Ethel Richmond July 15 1905 17/F
  Ruby Richmond Apr 14 1911 11/F
  Josie Richmond Jun 16 1913 9/F
William Justice Mary Justice June 23 1909 12/F
  Maud Justice Mar 4 1912 10/F
Allen Joyce Ellis Joyce Jul 19 1913 9/M
  Walton Joyce Jan 25 1915 7/M
Squire Perry Addie Perry Oct 27 1908 14/F
W.A. Stockdale Clarence Stockdale Aug 18 1904 17/M
Lafe Rowlett Tiny Rowlett Jul 2 1905 14/M
     - Milton RR3 Pauline Rowlett Jan 3 1910 11/F
  Helen Rowlett Mar 8 1912 10/F
B.O. Rand Lottie I. Rand Jul 27 1906 15/F
  John Rand Mar 7 1909 13/M
John Conn Gladys Conn Mar 3   12/F
John Wiseman Paul Wiseman Feb 26 1909 13/M
Louis Durand John A. Durand Dec 20 1912 10/M
G.W. Bush Thelma Bush Mar 24 1911 11/F
Ben Underwood Marguerite Underwood May 10 1916 6/F
Orve Tingle Willie Tingle Jan 26 1913 9/M
  Velma Leroy Tingle Jan 7 1916 6/F
Austin Tingle Burnice Willson Apr 12 1908 12/F
J.S. McCord Hillary McCord Aug 2 1906 15/M
  Ansel McCord Jul 16 1909 13/M
J. Neal Roy Neal Feb 3 1906 16/M
  Mary B. Neal Sep 18 1908 13/F
Thomas McDole Raymond McDole Jan 26 1913 9/M
Ed Perry Sanford Perry Jan 26 1910 12/M
Jack Perkinson Goldie Perkinson       14/F
  Virgia May Perkinson       8/F
  Ella May Hammond     OUT 12/F
Ed Holsclaw Leonard Hudson
(Milton R-3)

Totten School

Information regarding Totten School at Wise's Landing was submitted by Gordon McClure and Christine Mullikin.

Totten School at Wise's Landing courtesy of Christine Mullikin and Gordon McClure
Totten School at Wise's Landing courtesy of Christine Mullikin and Gordon McClure

Trimble County High School

116 Wentworth Avenue, Bedford, KY 40006

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Photo credit:  Bernie Spencer
Photo credit: Bernie Spencer